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Skin Rejuvenation

Here at new image Yeovil we offer a range of remedies which can help rejuvenate your skin in many different ways. 

  • I.P.L Ellipse Intense Pulsating Light Treatments

  • NEW Vampire Facelift

  • Meso Therapy Vytal Cell Boost by Amiea

I.P.L Ellipse Intense Pulsating Light Treatments


  • Long term hair reduction

  • We have a larger spot size applicator HRL +   making short treatment times for large areas such as legs and backs

  • Reduces acne, pigmentation, scarring

  • Sun damaged skin, including uneven pigmentation, age spots, large pores and diffuse redness

  • Boosts collagen for incredible anti ageing results using the new PR appicator

  • Facial thread veins

  • Reduce age spots on backs of hands,arms

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New Vampire Facelift

We are so excited to be able to offer the fantastic Vampire Facelift here at New Image. Dr Thikra Al Wattar is fully trained and experienced consultant who will be performing the procedure at New Image.  We are a a health care registered clinic and adhere to the Vampire Facelift guide lines.

Please phone us for more information or to book a consultation with Dr Thikra on 01935 433147.

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Meso Therapy Vytal Cell Boost by Amiea         

only available with highly trained and registered therapists. Of course, we have them here at New Image! this new and very effective treatment is pain and risk free. healthy, firm, young looking  skin is on everybody’s wish list! not all of us are ready for cosmetic injections but feel the need for some extra help to boost our skin and refresh your complexion. this is very different from any other treatment you may have experienced. It is very powerful but is not painful.

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Payment methods

we accept cash, cheques and all major UK credit/debit cards.