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The CACI Ultra-Facial is at the pinnacle of non-invasive anti-ageing treatments, combining the award-winning lifting and toning elements of the CACI non-surgical facelift with the world-renowned skin regenerating properties of Futur-Tec.

  • The results are immediately visible and noticeable improvements include: softened lines and wrinkles, sun damage reduction and a general tightening and toning of the face.

  • This anti-ageing treatment is recognised across the globe and even recommended by top dermatologists like Dr Nicholas Perricone: "The CACI Ultra is unrivalled when it comes to maintaining a lifted, firm and toned face and neck."


Q: What do Jennifer Lopez, Linda Evangelista, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston have in common?

A: Rather than going under the knife they are all fans of the CACI non-surgical facelift.

The Queen of Pop has recently discovered the CACI Ultra facial, which has long been a celebrity favourite due to its facelift effect. Supermodel Linda Evangelista and Jennifer Lopez are such a big fans that they even has her own Ultra system so they can have treatments in the comfort of their own home and Piers Morgan is a long term devotee.


The CACI Ultra-Facial incorporates four different technologies within one state-of-the-art device: Micro-current, Ultrasound, High Frequency and Diode photo stimulation.

CACI Ultra The Latest A-List Addiction How it works:

  • Tiny electrical impulses that work in harmony with the bodies own electrical field are transmitted through soft cotton tipped probes designed to re-educate, tone muscles and enhance skin tissue repair. the use of unique serum filled electro buds accelerate the micro current treatments results on softened lines & wrinkles as well as facial toning.

  • The CACI Ultra-Facial's unique ultrasonic hand piece vibrates at 25,000 vibrations per second on the skin surface to exfoliate and deep cleanse the epidermis. The sonic vibrations are also used to enhance the absorption of skin care formulations and can be set to a specific frequency to neutralise skin bacteria.

  • Dual tipped probes are also used to increase the effect on muscle tissue providing immediate and effective results. the unique T Shaped Bar Technology is applied to difficult to tone areas like the jaw line.

  • C.A.C.I Ultra-Facial's groundbreaking wrinkle comb handset combines diode photostimulation with high frequency microcurrent. This effectively plumps out and softens lines, providing a non-invasive alternative to Botox or dermal fillers injections.


We have C.A.C.I Ultimate plus Ultra machines click link and see in action this fantastic facial used by many celebrities and stars.

C.A.C.I Ultra and Ultimate – Anti-ageing facial (non-surgical face lift+)

The latest ultimate machine uses a handheld orbital micro-dermabrasion wand to rid the skin of dead cells at same time light therapy using red and blue light both heals and destroys bacteria.

  • Clears congested and acne skin

  • Anti-bacterial effect heals blemishes

  • Plumps skin, evens texture

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Lifts and tones, tightens jawline


 Caci Jowl Lift to target sagging muscles!

This new quad probe appliance doubles the lifting power of the C.A.C.I treatment and targets sagging muscles on the lower face. it's quick as it only takes 15 minutes to treat, we recommend a course of 10 sessions.

It's only £26 per session - course of 10 £240.

New* for 2016 Caci Eye Contouring treatment.

This is a treatment that concentrates on the eye area only. Double action probes lift the brow section toning the muscles to achive a more 'open eye'. Tiny rollers smooth and soothe simultaneously hydrate the area to lessen dark circles and reduce puffiness and fine lines. Uses the new highly active Caci eye serum.

Only £35 per a session - course of 10 £350 includes free Caci eye serum.

The above treatments can be combined with the Classic Caci facial to bespoke the ideal treatment for you.

Price list

Classic Caci facial £51

*New Caci Eye Treatment £35

Caci Ultra – using ultra sound £59

Caci hydrotone £30

Caci micro dermabrasion £45

Caci platinum – lifting, micro, dermabrasion and incorporating hydro tone facial £67

Caci Jowl lift £29

Caci Meso £90

Caci, Meso Jowl Lift £103

Caci lift plus radio freq. £105

Payment methods

we accept cash, cheques and all major UK credit/debit cards.