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IPL Laser Treatments

Ellipse Intense Pulsating Light Treatments

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The latest, most up to date system Ellipse I2PL +offering a technical platform superior to anything else on the market.

New Image are honored to be chosen by Ellipse, Denmark to be designated an 'Elite' IPL Clinic.

This means you can be assured that not only have we over 9 years experience but the quality of our service in the following treatments is recognised by Ellipse as oustanding.

Ellipse Intense Pulsating Light treats:

  • Long term hair reduction

  • We have a larger spot size applicator HRL +   making short treatment times for large areas such as legs and backs
  • Reduces acne, pigmentation, scarring

  • Sun damaged skin, including uneven pigmentation, age spots, large pores and diffuse redness

  • Boosts collagen for incredible anti ageing results using the new PR appicator

  • Facial thread veins

  • Reduce age spots on backs of hands,arms

Discounts on courses and large areas. (Men’s backs a specialty).

Certain medical conditions and medication apply, therefore a full consultation is required (You must be over 18 years of age) This is free, however if you require to proceed with a patch test there is a small cost which is redeemable if you continue the treatment.

Please note that due to restrictions imposed by the uk government we are not allowed to offer the Age Defense treatment using the photo spray as this spray is not approved for use in the UK. However, we do have the latest new PR applicator to boost collagen and improve skin texture and tone.

We do not offer red vein reduction on legs. 

for more detailed information click on look at the model 12PL+

Before & After Photos

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Following our recent 'authorised clinic' status from Ellipse IPL we now have further material to demonstrate the treatments available here at New Image Yeovil, please follow this link