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Tanning & Waxing



Spray Tanning.                    

Special spray tanning room to reduce over spray, experienced therapists air brush SiennaX Tanning solution. You can expect to achieve the most natural looking tan ever!. Without even seeing the sun !

Great for parties, before a holiday or just because you want beautiful, golden skin.

 Enriched with conditioners to mosturise your skin.

Full body or half body.  Half price top up within 1 week of original.

Completely Safe, Highly Effective!

Tips before you come in for your tan : exfoliate your skin well especially elbows, knees, ankles and heels. Use lots of body lotion a few days before your tan but NOT on the same day as your treatment ( this may result in a patchy tan).

Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes (flipflops if possible). Use lots of moisturising lotion the day after to help maintain the life of your tan. We also stock Sienna Home use spray so you can top it up yourself.

 Helionova Fast tan Sunbed                                  

K                                       Get set for a golden tan with our

                                  lovely Sunburst Q12 Fast tan sunbed

  • possibly one of the best sunbeds locally                                        
  • latest technology and compliant with new EEC regulations on fast tan sunbeds.
  • lie down, full surround and with turn on/offable facials and shoulders tanners.
  • warm and clean room, private environment
  • over 18 years only
  • members of the sunbed assoc. following their guidelines for safer sunbed tanning

 This sunbed is serviced and maintained to a high spec regulary  !


Quick and efficient method of hair removal. Using Tea Tree Creme wax for its antiseptic and healing properties.

  • Full leg & bikini line
  • Full leg
  • Half leg
  • Bikini Line
  • Extended bikini line
  • Brazilian
  • Underarm
  • Forearms
  • Upper lip
  • Upper lip and chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Backs

Alternatively, we can painlessly and permanently reduce hair with laser intense pulsating light treatments (I.P.L.) or Applisonix (our latest  ultra sound treatment). 

*New . We now have a therapist trained in Threading and HD Brows.

and now offer threading for facial and neck hair

Click here for more information on laser I.P.L. treaments.